Cover glass is an important component of the touch module. It is used for protection purpose on top of the touch module. Cover glass can be further processed with decoration and coating layer, which increases the aesthetics and actual use. The coating layer offers functions of AG(anti-glare), AF(anti-finger proof) and AR(anti-reflection).
1. 2D Cover Glass
1.1 2D Figured Glass
This 2D figured glass shows added value by applying different decorative patterns on the substrate- glass. This pattern, decoration tech, is also available in 3D cover glass. From the appearance, Silitech performs outstanding and complicated patterns, which can be applied in any surface of mobile device.
1.2 2D/3D Glass Insert Molding
Silitech applies the injection tech to combine 2D/3D glass with cover frame. This product is water-proof, dust-proof and not easy to break from the edge of cover glass when bumping into other things. Also, it offers the solution of one-time -injection appearance, making it more appealing.
2. 3D Curved Cover Glass
Silitech uses thermoforming tech to make glass into the 3D shape. The 3D shape glass gives the branding companies the differentiation value for the ID of mobile device. Moreover, Silitech is able to apply our own decoration technology in the 3D glass for more colorful appearance. This glass can either be back cover or front (window) cover for the mobile device, based on customer design.
2.1 3D Logo deco on Curved Cover Glass
2.2 3D Curved Cover Glass Applied in the Wearing Device
3. Automobile Cover Glass 
  This cover glass is applied in the outside of automobile control-unit LCD for providing protection and touch function.
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