Soft Touch Keypad Hard Top Keypad Gap-less Keypad

Soft Touch Keypad

• S1 : Silicone Rubber Keypad
Spray+Printing+Laser Etching+Coating
• S2 : TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethanes) Keypad

  Hard Top Keypad
• H1 : Film Insert Molding Keypad
• H2 : Film Injection Assemble with Silicone Keypad
• H3 : Film Assemble Silicone Rubber Base with Hard Epoxy Keypad
• H4 : Hard Top on Rubber Base Keypad
Keypad with Color Spray and Laser Etching
Keypad with Bottom Side Printing
• H5 : Hard Top Assemble with Foil Base Keypad(hard actuator)
• H6 : Hard Top on TPU Base Keypad(soft actuator)

  Gap-less Keypad
• G1 : Side-by-Side Keypad

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